Should We Go Fulltime or Not?

Port-A-Bote on shore

Port-A-Bote on shore

This year while in Florida the discussion of whether to live fulltime in the RV became pretty serious.  Between the fishing, sightseeing, beach walking, shelling, boating (we have a Porta-Bote [portable folding boat] that folds up to the size of a surfboard and works great), sunsets and sunrises, it is just darn relaxing and fun. The knowledge that we are not getting any younger and if we want to do this, we should get going is in the forefront of most discussions. Here’s just some of the debate that drives us both crazy:

Downside: The biggest problem for both of us is that we love Arkansas; Hot Springs Village in particular! We have lots of friends, a great church, Bob has a lucrative handyman business, nine beautiful and affordable golf courses to play within 10 to 15 minutes of the house, beautiful lakes to boat on (we have friends with boats so we don’t need one of our own anymore!), and fabulous motorcycling roads. How can we give all this up?

Upside:  We could rent out the house, buy a lot nearby and use it as a home base for four months during the year, so we would still maintain our friendships. If we rented the house out, we could use that as income in addition to our pensions. Financially, we would probably be much better off.

Downside:  I like to write and read. I need to have a spot that I can have my computer and files and privacy without the blaring noise of the television, which Bob loves to have going even when he is not watching the darn thing!

Upside:  Bob is usually always in motion and either fishing or doing a project outside, which leaves me plenty of time to write and read. We both love each other’s company and if we could combine golf with traveling, it would be fun.

Downside: We need a bigger coach. We need more slides. In fact, we need as many slides as we can get. And, we need more storage space. This coach, even though it is bigger than the 29 footer, does not have much storage. (Can’t even put my pots and pans away!) And, the few drawers it has are very narrow. We have made the decision that a fifth wheel is what we want if we do decide to go full time. So now we need a bigger truck too!

Upside:  We need a new truck anyway.  Our little pickup truck has 123,000 miles on it.

Downside:  Do I really want to do all my laundry in laundry mats???

Upside:  We will buy ALL new underwear and towels as I do not want to be folding “holey” underwear and ratty towels in front of other people. And, hard to admit, but I actually enjoy my laundry mat time. I put all the wash in at once, sit and read or go for coffee. Then I fold it while visiting with someone, and head back to the camp. Done for the week.

DownsideWe have great friends here, what if we end up in a situation where we don’t get along with the people? I love my peace and quiet, what if we end up in an RV park with annoying barking dogs?

Upside: That’s one of the easier ones; we can drive away.

Downside: We have a Harley motorcycle that we are not ready to give up yet. How in the world can we pull that and a fifth-wheel?

Upside:  Bob found a trailer design that actually hooks into the back of a fifth wheel and becomes a part of the trailer. It is a little pricey, so he is thinking of fabricating it himself. (Obviously that will lend itself to a blog on its own!)

Downside:  The cost of fuel. It does not seem to be getting any cheaper.

Upside:  After doing a lot of reading and talking to people, seems that when traveling fuel costs are averaging $125 to $175 a day. Most people say that the cost averages out if you stay in one spot for a month or so before moving on. I would want to do that anyway.

Questions:  Will we get bored after awhile? Should we stay in one spot for two or three months at a time?  Or should we move every month? Every couple of weeks? Should we join an RV Club and go from park to park? What mail service should we use?

Conversation ongoing…..input welcomed!!!