My Life Has Been Changed With Daily Prayer

Every morning I try and spend time with my Lord.

Living life in prayer is sometime hard. As we grow from childhood to adult, from wearing the hats of daughter/son, sister/brother, teenager/college student, wife/husband, mother/father, grandmother/grandfather, our responsibilities grow. There are times when we get so busy with life’s challenges, we forget to place God first and live our life in and through prayer. It is important not to let that happen. Even during the busiest of our days, we need to make time, even if just a few moments, to talk to our Lord

sunriseColossians 4:2: Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

Being steadfast, or in other words, persistent, in prayer is for most of us, something we have to work at. It does not come easily. We wake up, we have our coffee, and make our list of all the “to do’s” for the day. We get distracted and make the excuse that tomorrow we’ll pray; tomorrow we’ll get up a little earlier so we have time; tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Being watchful in prayer with thanksgiving is equally important. It is easy to take for granted all of our blessings. It is easy also for us to personally take credit for our accomplishments. It is easy to have our life of steadfast prayer become a daily selfish pleading for our desires and needs if we forget to give thanks for what we already have been given.  God answers our prayers, both spoken and unspoken. He gives us that promise

 Matthew 21:22:  And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

 This is God’s promise to us. The introduction for Journey In Prayer, expresses my intent in sharing this journal. I pray that it will help inspire you to dedicate your life to prayer and to realize God’s amazing blessings that He has prepared for you.