Life Is A Journey

Cover for JourneyLife is a journey. Not a trip, not an excursion, not an expedition, nor a jaunt; but a journey. The dictionary defines the word as “an act of traveling from one place to another.” All the above describe traveling, but a journey is different. A trip may be either long or short, for business or for pleasure (a trip to Europe.) It can also be taken at either a rushed or a leisurely pace. An excursion often applies to a brief pleasure trip, often no more than a day or so, and then returns to the place of origin (a morning excursion to the park.) A jaunt is a short, casual trip for fun or for recreation (a jaunt to the shopping mall or to the beach.) However, a journey requires a considerable amount of time and distance that will be covered.

Each morning when I wake up I try and discipline myself to spend time with the Lord. I wish I could say I never miss a day; but that is not true. In fact, sometimes I miss lots of days, even months. It is always a mystery to me when I am in the “zone” of spending time with the Lord on a daily basis, why I ever stray. He never fails me! He is amazing.

It was during one of the periods in my life when I was neglecting my “Lord” time that I picked up a journal I had kept a few years back. I sat down and read the journal and was amazed at how much I had forgotten about that period of time and how God had answered every prayer. (Remember, sometimes those “unanswered prayers” are our greatest blessings!) I also was struck how I was able to remember the journey I had taken through the progression of the pages. I decided to type them up. Just as I had finished typing the journal, my neighbor next door was in her yard crying. Not meaning to pry as she was a very private person, I felt compelled to approach her. She was grateful and shared her sorrows. It seemed she had been pregnant and when she told her boyfriend, he left her. It was a sad story and I had no words for comfort. All of a sudden I thought of my prayer journal. I told her about it and that I had kept it during a particularly lonely time in my life. I told her I would leave it on her doorstep and she could read it if she wanted.

A few days later she appeared at my door with tears in her eyes again. But this time the tears were because she had felt so comforted by the journal that she wanted to thank me. She said she had shared it with her pastor as it touched her heart in many ways.

That’s my inspiration to share this journal. There just might be another Lisa out there that needs to know that life is a journey and if lived through prayer, a blessing.