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The internet business dictionary defines “Baby Boomers” as: “People born between the end of World War 2 (1945) and the late 1960’s, a period during which the populations and economies of certain nations (particularly the US) boomed. This term was coined in 1974 when the advertisers recognized the spending power and very different demands of these (then) youngsters.”

Forbes Magazine published an article entitled: The Greatest Retirement Crises In History. The first paragraph states: We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. In the decades to come, we will witness millions of elderly Americans, the Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal” for many elderly Americans.” Well, I am here to tell you it ain’t necessarily so!

bobmargbrasilito2Bob and I are officially Baby Boomers. We are not frail and we are not rich. We both retired in our early ‘50’s. We share the same mindset: Life is for living! Our goal is to live out our retirement actively and have a lot of fun.

It is the second marriage for both of us. When we first met, I was 47 and Bob was 51. Bob was living aboard his sailboat in Santa Barbara, California.  It was on our first date that he asked me if I had ever considered living on a sailboat and sailing away. “To where?” I had asked. “Wherever the wind blows,” he responded. Even though I had never been on a sailboat before in my life, the question intrigued me. We eventually married, sold everything we owned and did just that. (You can read what happened regarding that adventure in my e-book, Dolphins Forever On Her Bow.)

We have moved off the boat, back to the United States (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas), and now are exploring land travel. We recently bought a fifth-wheel and are thinking about going full-time. I guess we must be sailors at heart, because our plans are written in sand; that is to say, they could change at any time. We also own a Harley and spend much of our free time riding back roads and enjoying the feeling of the wind on our faces and the thrill of seeing the world from a little different perspective.

Our lifestyle (traveling, golfing, motorcycling, boating) means we have to be very inventive with our dollar to be able to enjoy all that we love. The purpose of this blog is to reach other  Baby Boomers who are retired or about ready to retire, seeking fun and adventure while living an active lifestyle. Together we can share ideas, how-to’s, not-to-do’s and stories about ourselves. Let’s prove that the “new normal” for elderly (I guess they are talking about us!) is not fail and poor; but on the go and loving life!

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  1. Wow…what an adventurous, good looking couple! We look forward to reading more of your blog, and hopefully contribute to it! Great, easy, fun reading. We will definitely follow this blog!

  2. Hi Margie, So great to meet you and now find your blog. We do have a lot in common; sailing and traveling, and retiring young. Life is a great adventure and I’m glad you’re not waiting. Just downloaded your book. Cant wait to read it. Lynda

      • Absolutely, it’s perfect us. We bought it in 2001, a year old. Our first MH, a ’91 Dolphin had a 125,000 miles on a gas engine. It was time for a diesel pusher, now pushing close to 140,000! But this big Cummins engine can handle it.
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    • I grew up in Mountain View. Lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Big Basin State Park) for 10 years. I am very familiar with Half Moon Bay. La Roja, our boat that we lived on and cruised on, was commissioned in Moss Landing. It’s a very small world!
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